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What is Yoga ?

Yoga could also be an age-old guide to healthy living developed by ancient Indian philosophers. With its peculiar mix of physical exercises, psychological insight, and philosophy, yoga can assist you to bring your body, mind, and spirit into greater balance. Yoga takes a holistic approach to life, sanctioning you to achieve complete equilibrium.

"Yoga is a science perfected by the ancient seers of India, not of India merely, but of humanity as a whole. It is an exact science. It is a perfect, practical system of self-culture.” 
- Swami Sivananda

There are four paths of yoga. Although every one of them could also be a whole discipline in itself, it is best to not follow one path solely. Combining the four practices can help develop the emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects of your life.

Among the four yogistic paths, only one is well-known and widely practiced within the West - the physical and mind-focusing path of Hatha and Raja Yoga, which incorporates postures and respiration exercises.

Hatha and Raja Yoga:  

This is the yogistic path of body and mind management. It's best illustrious for its sensible aspects, notably its asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). This path teaches ways in which you can control your body and mind, together with silent meditation, and its practices transform the energy of the body and mind into spiritual energy. This path suits folks that are attempting to search out the inner and outer transformation. There are 8 steps of Hatha and Raja Yoga.

Hatha Raja Yoga
Photo by Cedric Lim Ah Tock from Pexels

Karma Yoga:

This is the yogistic path that involves acting altruistically, without any thought of success or reward. This path is esteemed for purifying the heart and reducing the influence of the ego on your words, behaviors, and interaction with others. Karma Yoga is the most effective way to prepare yourself for silent meditation. It suits folks with an energetic, outgoing temperament.

Photo by Suraphat Nuea-on from Pexels

Bhakti Yoga:

This is the yogistic path of devotion. It involves prayer, worship, and ritual, The ones who practice Bhakti Yoga eventually come close to experiencing God as the expression of love and affection. This yogistic path has nice attractiveness for folks that are naturally emotional.

Bhakti Yoga
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Jnana Yoga:

This is the yogistic path of knowledge. It involves learning the philosophy of Vedanta - one of the six classical philosophies of India. It teaches ways of self-introspection as well as the ways of analyzing human nature. The goal of Jnana yoga is to acknowledge the Supreme Self within yourself and other beings. This path is best suited to intellectual folks and is considered to be the most difficult path of yoga.

Janana Yoga
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